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St Patrick's College Senior Library: Digital citizenship

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The sites below provide relevant Australian information on cyber safety, cyber bullying and being responsible onine.

Your digital footprint

You are used to using the internet constantly and posting to Facebook.  Some of your photos are going to follow you for a very long time and your future employers may make judgements based on those photos.

Think BEFORE you post!

Every time you post you leave a digital footprint.  To esnure that you leave a smart digital footprint watch this clip.

If you have left messy footprints, then this site could help you to clean up your digital footprints.

Top ten turn-offs for employers on social networking websites

1. References to drug abuse
2. Extremist / intolerant views, including racism, sexism, religious intolerance
3. Criminal activity
4. Evidence of excessive alcohol consumption
5. Inappropriate pictures, including nudity and partial nudity
6. Offensive language
7. Links to unsuitable websites
8. Lewd jokes
9. Silly email addresses
10. Membership of pointless / silly groups