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St Patrick's College Senior Library: Borrowing, returns and damaged resources

Information about St Patrick's Senior College Library



Students have unlimited borrowing of resources, equipment and text books using their student ID cards.  Fiction may be borrowed for up to 4 weeks, non fiction for 2 weeks and all other resources for a lesson or overnight.  Loans are due back by 8:30 am on the due date.  Students are expected to take care with all resources whilst they have them in their name.


ID cards:

Students are expected to have their College ID cards with them to borrow from the library.  These cards are issued by the College Office during the first week of term one.  If the card is lost, students need to report this to College Reception and the library staff will then issue a temporary Borrowing Card.


Overnight loans

Overnight loans: Students may borrow overnight loans at 3:00 pm each day.  Overnight loans are available for class trolley books, references materials, audio visual resources, magazines, vertical file items, computer resources.  These resources are due back at 8:30 am on the next school day.  Please phone the College library if you are delayed.  Failure to return these loans on time will result in the withdrawal of borrowing privileges for 8 days.


Reserving resources


Borrowers may reserve any item from the OPACs, their computers, or by asking library staff.  Library staff will notify borrowers as soon as the reserved item becomes available.




All resources except overnight or lesson loans are placed in the returns box near the library desk. 


Overnight loans ought to be handed to library staff at the desk and id card collected.


Late returns: may result in withdrawal of borrowing privileges.  Late overnight loans will result in withdrawal of overnight loan privileges for 8 days.


Renewing loans

Renewing loans:


Prior to the due date students may ask/phone/email to have resources renewed. 


After the due date, students must bring the resource to the library.  It may only be renewed if it is not reserved by another student or teacher.

Notices: overdue, reserve and recall

OVERDUE, NOTICES are sent to students via their Line D teacher fortnightly.


RECALL, NOTICES are sent to students via their teacher each morning.


RESERVATION NOTICES are sent to students via email.

Lost and damaged resources

The library does not fine students for having overdue items.  However, borrowing privileges may be withdrawn until the resources are returned. 


Lost books and other resources:

Students are responsible for all items borrowed on their student ID card.  When a book is thought to be missing, the student should contact the Library staff immediately.  The item must be paid for at the end of the year and if it is later found before it is replaced, then the payment will be returned to the student.


Damaged books and other resources:

If any resource is damaged when in the care of any borrower, a repair or mending fee may be requested from the borrower.  This applies most often to textbooks. Please do NOT attempt home repairs.

Lost and found

Misplaced items are collected from around the library regularly throughout the day.  Items are sent to College Reception.  Valuable items are held at the library desk.  Text books from the collection are returned to the collection.