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St Patrick's College Senior Library: Computing facilities

Information about St Patrick's Senior College Library

College technology in the library

Computers in the library:

Each Area of the library has at least 20 computers assigned to it which are available to classes booking the area.  These areas can be booked on the BookIT! system or by contacting the library staff or by emailing the Library.


Laptops: are available for short-term loan by students and staff. 


Printing is available to either of the printrs. These printers must be specified by the user when print is selected.

Run out of printer credits? Update your print total in PaperCut from the library. Whenever you run out of printer credit, come to the library desk and top up your balance. 


Downloading games, music, movies: Unless these downloads are for specific subject purposes and permission has been sought from both the subject teacher and the IT Support Office downloads are not allowed.

Kindles, portable scanners

Hand  scanners are available from the library.


Kindles: we have a collection of Kindles which have fiction and non fiction titles loaded.  They are available for short term loan.



Using personal devices in the library

Using my own device: Students may use their own devices in the library and should be able to print. Access to College drives is unavailable.

Mobile phones may be used for research but may not be used for personal texting or phone calls anywhere in the library.