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St Patrick's College Senior Library: Textbook information

Information about St Patrick's Senior College Library

Borrowing textbooks

Students have unlimited borrowing of text books using their ID cards. 

Textbooks are borrowed the week before school begins in Term 1.

Students who change subjects should go to the library to collect the new subject's texts. 

Second copies of textbooks: some textbooks are available as CD-ROMs which students may elect to borrow.  A second copy in hard copy may be issued in mid February once all students have collected textbooks for that subject.

Textbook list

The full list of text books is available by subject in the subject guides.

Caring for textbooks

The college provides students with their textbooks. Students should be aware that when borrowing textbooks they should:  

o   write their name, class, year in pen on the stamp inside the cover immediately;

o   check and immediately return any books which are damaged;

o   return texts to the library by the due date and in the original condition;

o   return  the same textbooks they  borrowed;

o   check the overdue book list sent weekly to mentor teachers for any overdue items;

o   pay for any damage or losses. Lost items will be credited to student accounts when found;

o   not leave textbooks in classrooms;

o   remember where textbooks are at all times.

Stolen textbooks

Stolen text books must be reported immediately to Library staff and the class teacher

If the text book is not reported stolen immediately, it will be treated as lost and the student will be responsible for replacing it.

A new textbook will be issued immediately, if available.


Returning textbooks

Loans are due back immediately after the final exam for that subject. 

English textbooks are due back at the end of each semester.

Students are expected to take care with all resources whilst they have them in their name.

Students are expected to return the text that was issued to them.

All textbooks must be returned before students leave the College officially.

Lost textbooks

If you lose a textbook please contact the Library staff immediately.

A second copy of the textbook will be issued to you. 

A note will be added to your screen that the text was lost with the circumstances.

You will be expected to pay for the missing text by the end of the school year.

If the textbook is later found, then you will be reimbursed if a replacement copy has not been purchased.