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St Patrick's College Senior Library: Study skills

Information about St Patrick's Senior College Library

Study resources at St Pat's

These resources are available to students from the library.  The subject heading to use is Study methods.

Study skills

These interent resources provide worthwhile information on study habits.


SQ3R a great study technique

S – SURVEY                  

Quickly scan all headings


Write a question from the first heading


Read carefully to the next heading


Answer your question in writing. Recite what you know. Saying things aloud makes better memories. Question, read and review all headings and sections


When you have finished, review by going from heading to heading, answering the question you made and reciting what you know.

Speed read to Retrieve

 This is a powerful technique to improve your reading speed and your retention of what you have read.

It’s simple but effective:

You read as fast as you can for one minute and then write brief notes of what you have read for one minute. By doing this many times, you will find that:

1.    You read faster;

2.    You remember what you read better;

3.    You are skilled and faster at organising your thoughts and writing quick notes and summaries.

This makes you a more powerful reader in all other areas where you read. It’s useful to keep a record of how far you read and how many facts you remembered. That way you can see your skills improving over time.

Sometimes you’ll do Speed Read to Retrieve for its own sake - practising .


Revision aides