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St Patrick's College Senior Library: Assignment guide

Information about St Patrick's Senior College Library

Bloom's revised taxonomy

There are a number of sites that will give information on Bloom's taxonomy.

Richard C. Overbaugh and Lynn Schultz from Old Dominion University have produced a contemporary version of Bloom's taxonomy beside the original.

Information skills sites

Assignment guide

The latest edition of the College Assignment Guide will be available online soon. In the meantime please use the print edition textbook.

The assignment guide is now in its 7th edition and this is the first time that it will appear online.

All students are issued with the print edition during the distribution of textbooks.

Students should use this guide in conjunction with the issued textbook King, J 2008, A guide to referencing and bibliographies for senior secondary school students, School Library Association of Queensland, Brisbane. 

Parts of the document have been adapted from The dimensions of learning program. This document has been designed to give students a scaffold, or guide for preparing and presenting an assignment at St Patrick’s Senior College.  Some subject areas will have specific needs, students should check with their subject teachers before making their final presentation of assignment work.  

The guide is also intended to counteract plagiarism by providing techniques to overcome the inadvertent copying of other people’s work.



What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is the deliberate or, accidental presentation of someone else’s work as your own.  
For the purpose of this definition work includes:

  • thoughts, opinions, inventions;
  • written or another presentation format (including oral);
  • unacknowledged phrases, sentences, paragraphs, whole presentations;
  • any form of illustration (maps, pictures, cartoons, photographs) or graphic representation, (graph, table, chart, statistics), or field study, or laboratory results, or maths/science solution.

Someone else is defined as:

  • not yourself;
  • author (professional or not) whose work has been previously published (formally or informally) anywhere (book, serial, CD-ROM, Internet site, assignment);
  • another student of this College or any other educational institution;
  • a ‘paper writing service’ either online or elsewhere;
  • any friend, or relative, or tutor.

It is imperative that your work is authentic and that you are able to maintain both your integrity and reputation  as a student.

Penalty for plagiarism: The student will be interviewed by the Head of Department and a member of the College's Administration team and appropriate action will be taken. The maximum pernalty would be an E- grading. Parents will be notified.

While the sites below are not commercial, they do offer students a way of checking their work for evidence of plagarism.

Information organisers

Picture sites